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Organize Your Cartridges Today!

Android App Available

Tired of forgetting if you own a particular cartridge while you are out shopping? Problem solved with the new Cricut Cartridge Organizer app on the Android market.  The Cricut Cartridge Organizer app provides the full list of over 300 cartridges available in a nice alphabetized list for your mobile needs.  Furthermore, the app allows you add to organize your cartridges between a wish list and an owns list.

The Cricut Cartridge Organizer also has over 50% of the cartridges sample sheets built into the app, so no need to have internet access to see what a particular cartridge has to offer.  And best part, the app is 100% FREE!  Click here to install it today!

Have an idea for a feature?  E-mail me and I will make sure I get back to you with an expected time for your feature!

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